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There's no denying that the competition is fierce in the world of online marketing.
There are millions of websites and advertisers vying for the attention of consumers, and at times, it can feel impossible. How do you make yourself heard when you're just one voice in a crowd that covers the whole planet? Fortunately, there are some things you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition and make sure that your voice is the one that stands out.



Find your Voice

One of the reasons that content can fade into the backgroud is that it sounds the same as everything else. If your content mimics other influencers in your industry, then it might be impossible for your followers to distinguish you from your competitors.

Instead of being bland, try being different. What kind of tone can you use that will engage your followers and set you apart from the other people in your niche? If your customers are mostly Millennials, consider adopting a casual tone that uses slang and conversational language.

Even if you're in a conservation industry, you can find a way to be different. Think about who your customers are and what tone they are most likely to respond to, and then use it consistently in all of your communication and advertising.



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