Our management and operations teams are comprised of savvy entrepreneurs, technical experts and ingenious creatives. We're anything but a standard, faux-liberal, kitsch, cookie-cutting agency...you know, the copy-and-paste agencies so prevalent in the market today. We're a deeply progressive, small, lean, nimble organisation that embraces global best-practices which will allow our staff the greatest flexibility and deliver our clients the greatest value.

We have a deep network of expert-level professionals to tap into should we ever bite off more than we can chew, so our clients are assured that any project which we undertake, will be delivered, come hell or high water.


Renee Ash

Account Manager

Renee is responsible for ensuring our clients are delighted; projects are concluded and all admin tasks are done on time, every time.

Tebogo Moopelwa

Senior Backend Developer

Tebogo is a nerd's nerd...passionate about all technologies and creating lasting solutions that our clients can depend on in their businesses.

Tumi Mashego

Senior Frontend Developer

A superskilled frontend developer that turns our design team's amazing creations into functional, interactive interfaces for our clients.

Charles Ash

Managing Director

Charles is the crazy-glue that holds the company together. At heart he's a joker, a technology ninja; an award winning web developer; a social activist and a prolific blogger.