Cloud Backup Solution

Can your business survive a fire? Theft of all your devices? A breakdown of multiple devices? How long will it take you to resume operations? Get our fully-managed cloud backup solution for your business and be safe!


Data backup and business continuity are critically important to businesses of all sizes today. Don't leave your backups and disaster data recovery plan to chance or external hard-drives on your premises that themselves can be stolen or destroyed, get our enterprise-grade cloud backup solution for your business and let us manage your remote data backups for you.

Don't be one of those companies that ignores data backups until disaster then, it will be too late. Get a comprehensive cloud backup solution that will store data to your local server and synchronise it with your cloud online backup account.

All data transferred to and from our servers is 100% encrypted and secure, making recovery from disaster, device malfunction or theft, a breeze. You'll realise how valuable and important backups are...on the day you really need them...on that day, you'll be glad you got our enterprise-grade cloud backup service

Whatever your backup and retention strategy, enhance it with our bullet-proof offline cloud data storage for all the machines on your network.

Get all this and more with our fully-managed cloud backup solution:

  • 256bit Encryption
  • Redundant Storage
  • SSL Transmission
  • Support for all modern operating systems
  • Backup your servers, laptops and desktops, fully-monitored and full-reporting
  • Never be in the dark about the status of your data backups
  • Full restore functionality.

Take charge of your company's data backup, disaster recovery and system restore functions with this fully-managed cloud backup service!

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